Friday, December 14, 2012

ProxySourcesFinder v1.0

ProxySourcesFinder – version 1.0 

On internet you can find tons of sources of proxies but most are dead, exhausted or too old to be used. With ProxySourcesFinder, all sources found has been created or updated in last 24h maximum!
This tool use a unique process to find the latest sources of public proxies. In one click, you’ll get many URLs of fresh lists, ready to be harvested with a proxy scraper.

Every 24h ProxySourcesFinder will find new sources! Not need to run this process several times a day, just once and you’ll get enough proxies for the day.
The duration of the process is around 15 sec. to 1 min.

Fast – Full threaded – Quick start guide include

List Download
  • Download ProxySourcesFinder v1.0 : HERE 


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