Sunday, November 18, 2012

ProxyGoblin v2.5.8 Rev1 Full Version

ProxyGoblin v2.5.8 Rev.1 Cracked

Powerful software to find Proxy
Price It:96$
Proxy Goblin is a powerful Proxy scraper, with built-in automation features. Proxy Goblin is the only Proxy scraper on the market that is made from day one to be used by internet marketing gurus and beginners. Powerful automation features combined with an intuitive interface makes this a "no brainer" for any online marketer.
What Proxy Goblin can do for you Save working proxies to a CSV or text file automatically. Send the proxies to your e-mail on autopilot. Upload fresh proxies to your FTP server.

Test the proxies continously and eliminate the bad proxies.
Use Proxy Goblin plugins and send proxies directly into various softwares/tools easily. Check & Verify Google friendly proxies. Run Python or Batch flavored scripts.

Proxy Goblin work?
  • Set the type of proxies you need, create a few tasks and let the Goblin run continuously in the background!
  • "An example campaign could go like this but it’s only limited by your creativity."
  • Gather proxies
  • Scrub & filter
  • Send email with proxy list
  • Upload list to FTP Server
  • Send proxies to SENukeX
  • Pause for 10 minutes and repeat till the cows come home!
Core Feature :
  • Over 200 Built In Proxy Sources!
  • Easily Add Custom Proxy Sources
  • Free Access to Pre-Scraped Premium Proxylists!!
  • Easily Blacklist Undesirable Proxies like Codeen
  • Find Proxies That Work On Google!
  • Use Commandline Arguments to Run Complex Startup Tasks
  • Absolutely Free Updates For Life
  • Dedicated In-House Support Run By Our Team Of Super Geeks
Automation Features:
  • Automatically Save Working Proxies To a Text File Or CSV
  • Easily Email Proxies On Auto-Pilot
  • Simple FTP Task Allows You To Directly Save Proxies To Any Server
  • Continuously Test Proxies And Weed out The Bad Ones
  • Use Our Plugins And Easily Push Proxies Into Various Tools
  • Advanced Users Can Use Custom Python Or Batch Macros For Absolute Power
Plugins & Integerations:
  • SeNukeX
  • ScrapeBox
  • ScrapeBoard
  • SickSubmitter
  • WpsBox
  • SEO Link Robot
  • And More...

List Download
  • ProxyGoblin v2.5.8 Rev1 Full + Crack : HERE 


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