Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Use Local SEO to Target Your Traffic Effectively

Use Local SEO to Target Your Traffic EffectivelyWith the rate the internet is growing, there seems to be no stopping the growth of the amount of local searches. In this article we shall be discussing a few local SEO tips that you can use now.

One thing you can do to get as much as you can from local searches is to make sure you're listed with the big names in the industry. This talks about Maps by Google and Local by Yahoo!. These two happen to be the most influential in this area, which is why you should try to get listed with them first, and then get on with the other things. The reason is that if you list with these sites, the search engines and human searchers will always know where to find you and your job will be simple. Getting Google Maps to list you is actually quite simple. You simply fill out a tiny form and then they'll either use your phone or email to have you verify your identity. Once you have verified everything, you'll have to wait for four to six weeks before you can see your site in the local search listings. Similarly, coming to Yahoo! the process is the same, except that you don't need to go through the verification. Yahoo! lets you create your own business listing at no cost.

Not only that, but you can get approved quickly, unlike Google which takes forever. This tip is so important if you hope to contact those who are looking for what you're offering.

If you consider yourself good at SEO, you'll know that title tags should always be concentrated on. There are many new marketers who focus on other factors but ignore the title tag, which can actually help you rank better. If you hope to get the most out of local SEO, you need to pay attention to the title tag. The best part about using local searches is that you don't have as much competition as if you were going for the broader keywords.

So when you're writing the title tag for your web page, make sure that it contains your targeted keywords along with your city and your state. This will tell the search engines exactly where to rank you. This is so important to your SEO efforts and it must be used if you hope to be successful. Finally, only use a few keywords as too much is too much.

Another thing to always remember is to put your address on every webpage of your website. The search engines love this and they'll reward you for it by ranking you higher. What should you put in your address? You should have your business address, phone number and last but not the least, your zip code listed on all the pages of your site. You'll then reveal yourself to be going after local searches and that makes it easy for the searches.

So if you want to improve your search engine rank and get more traffic, remember to apply these local SEO techniques.


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