Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Latest News On Facebook

 At a time when more and more people are becoming disillusioned with Google the exact opposite is happening with facebook and now that facebook search is on its way, we are set to see some interesting twists happening in the search engine world.

Facebook PPC is already starting to become the marketers choice for advertising because of the way Google has been treating their clients. Now it will be interesting to see how online marketers change their strategies or enhance their websites because of what facebook is set to do.
Why is this good?

Facebook search is going to open up a whole new world of non complicated marketing, this is my belief anyway. Facebook Search will be giving webmasters (people who own and run websites – I say this because we get a lot of newbies on this site) 2 tools to use to index their page for Facebook Search. 1- “Like” button to install on their pages that Facebook users can click. 2- A set of tags that allows webmasters to tell Facebook what their site is all about.

The search results that Facebook gives will be based on how many ‘Likes’ the page has received and the information provided in the tags.  Essentially creating a search engine based on “likes” instead of “links”.
What does “likes” mean for you with facebook search?

This is very smart in my book. It is going to force webmasters to make sure they are bringing quality content to their readers. I believe it really will make us all stay on our toes.
Facebook has always been a community all about relationships and this is now going to flow over to facebook search, so get ready for a whole new world of opportunities, this ride could be a lot of fun.
Do you think facebook search is going to succeed or be a flop? I would love your feedback, please leave a comment below:


  1. tumben nih mas pakai bahasa linggis, harus buka kamus dulu ini

  2. hehehe , soalnya saya masu daftar di google adsense susah di aprove mas jadi terpaksa ngambil bahasa itu siapa tahu di aprove , kalau bisa sampeyan bikin artikel supaya bisa di aprove sama google adsense donk mas


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