Wednesday, June 29, 2011

5 Stage Journey (Maybe) Suffered A Blogger

Stage Journey Suffered A BloggerBlogging is fun, is not it? Especially if it is felt at the time of launch, a newbie. Wow, amazing! Just as when we follow an organization or when it grows from infancy to adulthood. Many stages are passed. Joy and sadness, laughter, passion and despair. Certainly very impressive. In the blog world too. Consciously or not, many processes have been and will be passed, or it failed altogether.

What are the stages? There may be some experienced and some others who are not experienced or different. But at least, there must be some important points that have similar lines. Of course, the stage could not be separated from my experiences. So maybe there are many things that are not exactly the same. Well, just a flashback and mengenanglah, or rather introspection and remembering what he experienced and learned. So, let's start the journey!
Phase 1. A person who Obsessive and Eager '45

Bloggger a newbie have a burning passion. When it began to know what is a blog and how basic blogging, his enthusiasm and his temperature rose terpantik (colds kaleee), meaning the coals passion for blogging is great. And of course, a blogger this stage can be very crazy as crazy as possible.

example, a newbie could make a post up to 5 posts per day! Speeding abis!Even some that can be up to 20 posts per day. Great gak tuh? Unfortunately, that 18 of the 20 was co-fitting. (You are so not?) In addition, ngebutnya not just stop there wrote, one on this stage have a very high sense of curiosity, he was eager to try everything, including widgets and plugins. He tried to master his blog, before he mastered his blog. So, the adventure of browsing and searching are beginning. Google so first place. Find this widget, it's this plugin. Well the problem is not nyarinya, but see fit, all using that. As a result, there are all kinds of widgets, from popular posts, related posts widget that can muter-muter tuh, chat widget, gadget game Google, free sms widget, gadget celebrity photos, personal photo widget, widget-hour until the segede hours mosque was also there, Everything is installed (even until a stampede because it does not fit). "Well, sip! Blog gue dah cool!". As a result, page-loading his blog really heavy.
At this stage, a blogger is a keen observer, watching endless blog. From top to bottom, from bottom to top again. Was really excited!

Phase 2. An observer who is very enthusiastic Blog Stats
A blogger at this stage have a high awareness and desire to see how many visitors and page view. Every five minutes, he will always see the stat counter or a visitor counter either through widgets or through a feature that has been provided by the site platform. Refresh a little bit, little bit refreshed, though apparently not to make any one post! Never at one point I jumped for joy, "Hooray! Finally there have been 100 visitors to the blog gw!" Lately, I've nyadar if it turns out I have to set the setting 'Do not track your own pageviews' in Blogger statistics to calculate the stats do not go visit the blog owner. So definitely, it turns out 100 visitors or page view turned out to be ....... my own!

When there is a visitor or a pageview tracked, driven motivation again. But when it does not exist at all, it feels very frustrated and as if want to suicide. This is the stage of influence, which should be the main focus is how to build a blog, create a concept (as simple as any), and filled with quality content, with full attention, as well as visitor traffic without thinking first.

Stage 3. A person who Fever Making Money Online
After learning a bit about blogging (and mostly carried on the concept of monetization), the bloggers began to thirst for blood, eh ....... mean thirst information on how to making money online. Google back to being a loyal friend who gives a source of information about how to earn money online are so many kinds, ranging from the PPC, PTC, PPM, PPR, AAA, BBB, fuel, SME, KB, maids, domestic workers, domestic violence, or whatever it is. Any type of advertising about it she hungrily out.

Then he got to know Google Adsense and is obsessed to get. If this does not work, then he will look for an alternative similar and smelled "Adsense". Then he started to throw some of the widget and install all forms of banner, strip ads, and text link ads across the blog pages, headers, post body, the entire sidebar, and even footers.Even some of the ads are very inviting and seducing with "blink-blink" his charming, 
Then the bloggers getting frustrated, because after two-three months, gained only 1 dollar only. He then got a reason to make the ads a bit forced, like 'Help me to just buy a present for boyfriend' (Hehe, ya ga gitu banget times). There is also a pake tricks pop up window, a new closed if the ad is clicked. But most instead of added revenue, instead visitors are reduced.

Stage 4. A Never Ending Learner
This is the stage where enthusiasm "slightly" reduced. The focus is no longer on the writing on the blog itself, but on what is written by someone else. This affects good.But sometimes too, she forgot to look or even write their own blogs.

He began to search for articles about blogging, the ideas to write blog posts, and look killer post (article killer, oops, I mean articles that generate traffic and interest is very high) belonging to the well-known bloggers. For example on "how to generate millions of dollars in one day", "how to write an article like many people young and old", and so forth. Until finally he remembered going to her blog and she wanted to write. But ..... uaaaaahhhmmm, was already 3 am. Tomorrow alone. Good nite!

Stage 5. A blogger who "Free"
This is the stage where the blogger has touched the side of maturity. It is so called not because her blog has had 100,000 page view per day, but because the blogger has to have a high awareness of what blogging actually is.

He knows what to do to develop their blogs, know and understand the importance of quality content, know what factors to maintain the quality of his blog, and find out things that do not need to be done, useless, and having a devastating effect (including the risks if he co -fitting articles of other blogs without permission).
The bloggers are now fully understand that blogging is not about him, forget it, and make money for him while he slept. What's on his mind is to develop a blog valuable and helpful to others, develop and enhance trust and establish communication with the reader, to maintain consistency and self-motivation not to decline, and continued to feel comfortable and at ease with their blogs without worrying about anything else.Based on the experience, this is what it can produce something that is unpredictable and also the quantity.

How about you? Share your stories here. : P


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